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Quotes from Participants Attending the Mosaic Workshops

Every year, workshop participants are asked how they would describe the workshop to others. Here are some of their quotes:

For the 2nd Online Zoom Essentials of RBM & Theory of Change Workshop, November 2020

  • "The RBM workshop was well planned and executed. Technical tools that were introduced are great assets to create and manage logical frame works. The team of instructor are experts in their fields and cover all important points. The network that you will be a part of as a result of this workshop is a great pathway to professional development. I highly recommend this workshop."
  • "The workshop helped appreciate the power of results based management -a way of thinking - and opportunity to grow the capacity of people and organizations. Resources provided very useful too."
  • ""The course was very effective in solidifying my knowledge in RBM. The hands-on learning experience was definitely a value add, along with the technical expertise of the trainers. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about RBM, regardless of their level of awareness." - Aditya, Strategic Partnerships and Funder Relations, CAWST"
  • "If this workshop had not been on line, I would not have been able to afford the travel and time to attend. Hope you continue with some online offerings once covid has passed." - Deborah Henderson
  • "Very effective in solidifying knowledge in RBM"
  • "Very professional facilitators. Well organized, practical and dynamic training. Excellent resources provided."
  • "I really enjoyed the group work and having the opportunity to apply the new skills through different activities."
  • "Use of different ways to gauge knowledge and learnings (mad-hatter, survey, etc.). Having participants do the recaps."
  • "The tools and having real case studies to practice what we have learned"
  • "Being able to learn by doing"

For the First Online Zoom RBM Workshop, July 2020

  • "This was a very high quality course packed with sound content and extensive resources. In spite of many years of international development experience I learnt new perspectives and ways to enhance my work. Thank You!"
  • "What a valuable, challenging and rewarding course I just completed! Immense learning, unlearning, sharing and exchange of diverse and rich experiences. Key takeaways for me: keep on, keeping on! Results Based Management is a very iterative process! It's about the journey more than the destination! No black and white but this comes with all fifty shades of grey which we must learn to blend, tweak and adapt in this new world where uncertainty is the only certain piece! Kudos to the facilitators.Sonali Ruparelia, Rabobank, Kenya"
  • "The RBM Workshop definitely met my expectations. The content was excellent, the facilitators engaged very well with us, and gave me very useful knowledge to apply to my job, and share with my team."
  • Mónica Carmona, SARAR Project Coordinator, Mexico"
  • "BEST workshop I've EVER attended."
  • "The Mosaic online RBM and TOC workshop is highly organized and effective in taking the mystery out of the RBM process!"
  • "Interesting training for people who want to learn more on RBM and ToC. The fact of being this an online training, it might give the chance to work with people from different parts of the world. Very good facilitators!"
  • "great learning sessions which are eye opening and definitely taking back a new range of insights and practices"
  • "It is a very high quality workshop. I wish I had taken it years ago!"
  • "I loved it. You will learn EVERYTHING."
  • "The workshop is a good introduction to RBM and the various tools required to effectively design/plan/implement/report an initiative using RBM. Each component (LM, TOC, PMF, etc) was looked at individually, but the links between each were also explored in detail. A conscious effort was put in to contextualize these tools within the current environment (COVID-19 Pandemic)."
  • "Hands-on, effective and valuable"
  • "Successful and informative. Mosaic takes the mystery out of the GAC project process."
  • "Useful, relevant, great value-for-money"
  • "Interesting, useful, worthwhile"
  • "Very informative and valuable use of my time."

For the Advanced RBM Workshop:

  • Excellent! Every Programme Officer and Manager should take it. The facilitation was excellent. Safe space to learn about RBM + receive constructive feedback. Exercises were well planned and contributed to learning objectives. Excellent location for the workshop. Good amount of team work + opportunities to share experiences. A great opportunity to learn about other organizations, what they do and discuss challenges and best practices. My knowledge on how to integrate gender and diversity has also increased and this workshop helped to demystify how to do this.”
  • "The vast majority of participants increased their knowledge of RBM.”
  • "It is well worth the investment in cost, has practical techniques that are easy to apply.”
  • "Excellent facilitators! Good overview of RBM management systems.”
  • "It was participatory and at the same time well-structured to meet stated objectives.”
  • "It filled in the gaps; gave me space to better understand integration of RBM tools into a whole system; great presenters were very interesting; very useful discussions between participants using real life examples-learning about different contexts.”
  • "Great energy, very engaged and intelligent participants.”
  • "It was well organized and facilitated. The facilitators are well informed with both theory and practice. The environment was enjoyable and open. Participants were active and engaged. This is a result of facilitation and targeting of participants.”
  • "I learned practical skills on how to have Logic Model and Performance Measurement Frameworks to be better knowledge products that can foster better projects.”
  • "I really acquired new elements of RBM (specially on reporting) that I will apply in my professional work. I for sure will recommend this workshop to my staff.”
  • "Fantastic, intense, interactive, lots of content.”
  • "The workshop was a success because of the combination of theory and practice. Facilitators clearly knew the material and excellent calibre of participants also.”
  • "The facilitators knew the material very thoroughly—and the format for the workshop is very well laid out with excellent participatory exercises for every learning area.”
  • "Information was delivered in a clear way, there was an opportunity to practice each step along the way and to reflect on how we could apply learnings in our own contexts.”
  • "Great facilitation (some of the best I`ve seen) and they are content knowledgeable and experienced. Stays on target (ha!), clear goals and communicated. Great food-beverages.”
  • "I learnt a lot of valuable information on RBM and also from the other workshop participants.”
  • " Great material, well prepared, knowledgeable ``facilitators`` and good mix of teaching and exercises.”
  • "It gave me a new tool to work with my projects and ventures; a process to find clarity in direction and outcomes.”
  • "The level of my knowledge was raised and learnt new tools that could be used in real world.”
  • "I leave feeling energized and confident in my RBM abilities.”

For the Gender Training Workshop:

Workshop participants were asked to complete the following sentence: The Gender Training Workshop was a success because….
  • "Facilitators are very experienced and really articulated what gender equality is and what it means for our work."
  • "Practical tools were provided that are relevant to our work."
  • "Group work allowed for greater sharing and understanding"
  • "Practical useful information and ideas provided. High calibre participants and facilitators, field experience."
  • "Both the facilitators and participants were deeply engaged in all activities."
  • "It was participatory and covered essential topics relating to gender equality."
  • "Objectives were clear, material distributed are excellent, facilitators knew the topics and had clear expertise on the matter."
  • "The facilitators, guest speakers and the participants."
  • "It took a wholesome approach." "of how the diverse experiences of participants were prioritized and built from. The facilitators were very engaging, easy-going and also challenged us to think deeper, ask strategic questions.
  • "It helps to explain gender issues to people who are not involved in this field."
  • "Facilitation used easily understood language, networking healthy-should be maintained."
  • "It combined theoretical frameworks and practical knowledge to give us real tools we can use in work, as well as affecting our everyday life."
  • "It made me more confident dealing with the subject." "of its strong participatory approach, excellent facilitators, content covered (theory, practical application, tools)."
  • "The presenters are really experienced in both content and delivery, examples were plentiful and relevant.
  • "Very applied, tools are excellent and the presenters generous to share their work and approaches."
  • "The facilitators were good; - gender issues were covered very well. Nice group of participants.
  • "We learned from the organizers and the participants—lots of experiences that make the abstract concrete and give new ideas on how to approach complex topics.”
  • "I gained both theoretical background and practical tools, which I will use in my current work, in in work that I hope to move into. The theoretical background and practical tools will complement my intuitive approach and allow me to approach GE in a more structured way.”
  • "I gained more exposure to gender concepts, issues and tools with which to address both women’s and men’s differing frames of reference..”
  • "An intensive course in understanding gender concepts in national and international context. Practical hands-on experience in practicing tools that can engage both men and women to promote and practice gender equity.”
  • "The facilitators are committed and have valuable experience to share.”
  • "The emphasis on practical work, such as building genderized logic models, or doing a gender analysis, was very useful, more than just doing a presentation.”
  • "The facilitators were well prepared and communicated effectively.”
  • "experience of facilitators and participants in diverse areas. …managed to cover a lot of material in a short time….range of activities to engage participants…binder with a lot of information to take away.”
  • "Most practical, most revealing, facts to remember easily, greater value for money Workshop on Gender. If you must attend a training workshop on Gender, them must be a Mosaic workshop.”
  • "Drew on strengths of the participants, was diverse in its activities, was adaptable to needs of participants—was highly informative.”
  • "Well prepared, delivered and interactive.”
  • "Group interaction provided a comfortable space for honest social interaction regarding gender.”
  • "I will recommend this workshop to colleagues. Very clear and helpful for me.”
  • "Very informative. Well organized. Great use of examples to describe points. Interesting-full of great resources. Good mix of international and diverse perspectives and experiences.”

For the RBM, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Workshop:

  • "Fantastic, a must needed when working with RBM. Completely experiential and diffuses the mystery."
  • "Intensive and comprehensive.Turned a subject which could have been deadly into a stimulating and enriching learning experience."
  • "A wonderful learning experience with skilled facilitators, presenters and diverse participants."
  • "It is a very good workshop that will introduce you to different methodologies that combined can help you make a difference in your organization."
  • "Extremely educational, fun, invigorating."
  • "An excellent way of solidifying your knowledge of RBM and really shifting your thinking to results and positive outcomes."
  • "It is an opportunity for learning three different methodological tools in one experience that will contribute to change your way of thinking and approaching situations in life."
  • One of the best training options available in this field."
  • "A must do & see. Applicable to all aspects of your work. Come with an open mind and dive right in!
  • "I liked the richness and depth of interaction with the other workshop participants."
  • "This workshop is quite stimulating, educational and important for development work."
  • "An engaging training opportunity for learning 3 useful O.D. and project/programme management tools. Experienced practitioners providing training."
  • "Very inspiring. An excellent opportunity to reflect on our work and make it more rewarding."
  • "Thought provoking, intensive in a positive way, an amazing learning environment. Fund, learning and laughter, energizing."
  • "An excellent collective learning opportunity."
  • "Its very hands-on, practical. It gives opportunity for immediate application of the skills covered as well as the opportunity for analytical discussion for actual projects in the participants’ work environment."
  • "Money well spent."
  • "Very effective, informative and energizing workshop. Recommend it highly to colleagues."
  • "Like an interesting learning experience where you can meet committed and interesting people in a welcoming environment. I will say the facilitators are very good and use a wide variety of tools and manage to keep everyone interested and focused and you do get good results. Some issues could have been more deeply explored, but….it’s always like that. How deep can we go?"
  • "Learning about facilitation methods of RBM, AI, and Open Space with the opportunity of directly experiencing them."
  • "An interesting space for learning key concepts and methodologies."
  • "Excellent, Go for it!"
  • "Provide important learning for results-based planning; useful in work environment."
  • "Very participatory. Exploring new areas of development. Excellent networking with participants and facilitators."
  • "Unique."
  • "It is a fun workshop where you get to explore your creative and artistic sides in the learning process. The mix of people is important for the outcome of the workshop as a lot of interesting people with different experiences and high energy level meet."
  • "This workshop will enable you to use RBM in a positive, flexible manner."
  • "Excellent opportunity to learn and practice management concepts."
  • "An effective medium for learning and sharing."
  • "Practical exploration of three distinct but complimentary techniques for helping groups and organizations identify and build their strengths while harnessing individual passion to improve overall impact."

For the Stakeholder Participation and PME Workshop:

  • "Very useful tools for organizational and community development."
  • "It was excellent for those of us who sit in offices to see how things work in the field."
  • "The community assignment was daunting, but absolutely the most effective learning tool."
  • "Very participatory, hands-on. More grounded in practice than theory unlike other trainings-with real-life assignments."
  • "The very best way to learn how to evaluate in a participatory way is to attend the Mosaic workshop. It is just learning by doing.” Worthwhile and cost-effective."
  • "Very participatory, dynamic and enthusiastic facilitators, a lot of creativity. Great to have community practicum."
  • "A right combination of theory and practice."
  • "Great and a must do!"
  • "A very applied hands-on approach to learning about a variety of visual tools that could be applied to different planning, research or evaluation contexts."
  • "An engaging workshop that enables you to have practical experience in the application of PRA/PLA tools."
  • "It was very useful. I would recommend it to others."
  • "The facilitators really know and love their tools. Please be prepared for surprises and some chaos. In other words, a participatory learning experience."
  • "If you are trying to the see world not only through numbers and data, that's the right place to go."
  • "I like the fact that you can apply the tools you have learned during the community assignment."
  • "My experience was very rich and I felt like the organizers made every detail-from residential setting, group dynamics to activities in the workshop setting--have a purpose in helping me learn and grow in doing development work. I would strongly suggest this PM&E workshop to others because of: 1) community assignment; 2) experienced facilitators; 3) clear expertise of facilitators in participatory approaches and realities of field work; 4) attracts dedicated participants who also make the experience worthwhile; and 5) Ottawa is a cool place."
  • "I learned effective tools to enhance participation in a variety of settings. I learned a lot about team process--this was one of my better team experiences. The course modeled participatory evaluation, so keeping track of "what" was done and "how" it was done, provided useful information."
  • "If you are looking for a life changing six day experience that you will use in development work where ever you go, this is it!"
  • "This workshop is an excellent way to learn new tools and try them out. Anyone who is interested in learning new ways to understand the lived experience of people, but also use them for practical and social change purposes will love this workshop. The hands-on experience really makes it clear how these tools can draw people out to talk about their perspectives and strategize solutions to their individual concerns and organizational problems. It is a proactive approach that empowers not only those who are the target of the process but also the researchers/facilitators who are implementing the process."
  • "Excellent and educative."
  • "The PM&E workshop provides lots of hands-on experience in using participatory tools… The workshop is certainly very good value and it is hard to imagine how you could ever cover more ground in just six days for under $1000.00."
  • "A platform for meeting participants from diverse areas and backgrounds. Practical experiences brought insight about Ottawa (physically) and its life challenges and positive aspects (strengths)."
  • "I liked "the organization of it: the setting, the sequence of the different exercises, the energy circulating among the group."
  • "I had read a lot about PD, but I had never the chance to apply the tools. So I got my chance."
  • "Challenging (pushes you to think and act in new ways)"
  • "Learning opportunity (if you're open to it)"
  • "The workshops shows different ways to open the dialogue between target groups and decision-makers."
  • "You get a good background on PM&E tools."
  • "Necessary for modern day evaluations."
  • "New approach that can be used successfully."
  • "It’s a very enlightening experience that I feel privileged to have had."
  • "Excellent tools. Me pareció excelente. Muy bien organizado. Todo tiene una lógica, un sentido."
  • "Very interactive. Learn by doing. Interactive."
  • "Practical, full of knowledge and enables skills acquisition."
  • "An excellent way to refresh skills in PRA, diversity and multicultural aspect a real plus, Ottawa a great spot--outside USA context, new opportunities to increase self-growth. Mentally extremely challenging. Teamwork can be like "walking up Mt. Everest with sandals on."
  • "Intensive, energy driven, mentally and socially challenging."
  • "Very hands on."
  • "A great chance to get out of the office, learn from colleagues and build new skills."
  • "A good forum for PRA practitioners to learn new tools and practice already familiar tools."
  • "Hands on very useful for persons with limited participatory knowledge and good refresher for those with more experience."
  • "Very intense. But, from intensity one learns much more… But, viz PM&E, the lesson is don't dwell too much on getting perfect. Just do it."
  • "Philosophically very strong."
  • "The workshop is good if you want to learn tools and practice tools to empower people by helping them build knowledge to understand and act on their problems."
  • "I would highly recommend it to people who have anything to do with evaluation or are experienced in traditional evaluation as a workshop which gives you the space to learn and practice participatory M&E to a great extent with immediate application possibility."
  • "Very participatory, hands-on."
  • "I would highly recommend to other participants to get in the workshop."
  • "Very involving, persuasive and productive. In 6 days to learn new tools and apply them is a very impressive result! To participate at the workshop to feel themselves!…In the given timeframe, the learning part, was very effective."
  • "Intensive."
  • "Very dynamic and useful."
  • "It's an interactive hands-on experience based workshop on the application of participatory methods for evaluation. Creative way to involve individuals and communities and agencies/organizations in defining their objectives and gathering information and finding recommendations and solutions."
  • "Very intensive, participatory and worthwhile experience both personally and professionally."
  • "A great opportunity to learn a different approach. I loved the hands-on practice opportunities. It takes you out of your comfort zone at times, but is needed to grow."
  • "Good way to learn about concepts and application of PD."
  • "Very engaging and participatory sessions."
  • "Excellent opportunity for a hands-on learning experience. Had an engaging and thought provoking international audience."
  • "It's an experience."
  • "Excellent for personal development."
  • "It is a good opportunity to share knowledge and experiences at international level. It also gives a lesson that PLA/PM&E is equally important for different regions of the world."
  • "Extremely experiential. Will require major introspection and self-examination. Mega-interpersonal workout!

For the Facilitator's Retreat:

  • "Adult learning experience at its best. The theories of adult learning are practised well. The learning will happen without pressure."
  • "Best approach to share experience and knowledge."
  • "An excellent workshop where people learn and share. A must for people who do facilitation."
  • "It's an interesting experience."
  • "A chance to learn and share in a great physical environment."
  • "An exciting event. Learned and shared different tools and techniques."
  • "Excellent hands-on application of facilitation techniques, tools and technology."
  • "Good forum to share experiences and learn from each other."
  • "A first exploratory alpha-version of a facilitator's retreat. Well managed and beautiful setting."

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