Mosaic.net International, Inc. Providing Innovative Solutions to Development Issues

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What We Do

What is Mosaic.net International?
Mosaic.net International, Inc. is a private consulting firm based in Ottawa, Canada offering innovative solutions to development issues. Development is a complex process requiring a wide range of skills and experience. Mosaic's network is comprised of partners from Latin America, Africa and Asia. We work locally & internationally.

Mosaic offers consulting services in 1) Stakeholder Engagement; 2) Participatory and Utilization-based evaluations; 3) Results-based Management, Theory of Change and Performance Measurement; 4) Gender and Social Impact Analysis.

Mosaic is committed to:
  • Participatory Development & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Organizational Development & Change
  • Gender Equality
  • Results-based Management
  • Participatory & Utilization-based Evaluations
  • Education and Training
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Types of Services Offered

  • Participatory Project Design and Evaluation
  • Impact needs assessment
  • Strategic Planning & Change
  • Facilitation and Training
  • Special studies
  • Results-based Management and Indicators
  • Appreciative Inquiry

Areas of Expertise

Stakeholder Engagement:
All too often development efforts have been driven by the outside with little or no consultation from the poor, local institutions or Government.

Mosaic believes that for sustainable development to occur local people must be central to the development effort. Mosaic views participatory development as a process of collaborative problem-solving and reflection that empowers individuals to transform their environment.

Mosaic employs a family of approaches and techniques to enable the poor, institutions or Government to better understand, plan and define their development efforts. Mosaic will facilitate workshops with a wide range of stakeholders: the poor, NGOs, private sector; prepare handbooks on participatory techniques, undertake research to disseminate findings and conduct training workshops in participatory tools and methods.

Participatory & Utilization-based Evaluations:
Mosaic will tailor an evaluation to suit your needs. This may vary from conventional evaluations to more participatory evaluations. For example, participatory evaluations may involve some capacity building of stakeholders in the setting of indicators, collection of data and analysis, and making of recommendations. Other stakeholders might prefer some brainstorming workshops to discuss challenges, solutions and strategies for the future. Mosaic is experienced in a wide range of evaluations so that your needs can be met.

Results-based Management:
Mosaic is one of the first companies to pioneer results-based management over 20 years ago. We build capacity in results-based management and performance measurement, provide technical assistance and coaching to organizations. Our capacity-building workshops introduce you to four key tools: the logic model, the performance measurement framework, risk register and results-base reporting. Our workshops are participatory, intense and practically focused combining presentations with case studies and practical exercises. We have also developed user-friendly guides and handbooks.

Capacity-building and Human-Resource Development:
Mosaic helps develop the capacity of Northern and Southern partners by focusing on individuals and their organizations. Emphasis may vary from organizational learning to different levels and stages of capacity building: from early childhood education and girls education, to technical and vocational training including programs that help integrate students and workers into the labor market.

Mosaic also organizes international workshops for the development community on Stakeholder Participation; RBM, Appreciative Inquiry & Open Space; Participatory Monitoring & Evaluations as well as Results-Based Management. Mosaic will also custom-tailor workshops to meet your particular institutional needs.

Gender and Social Impact Analysis:
Mosaic promotes the full participation of men and women in the development process. Mosaic recognizes that men and women play different roles, have different needs and face different constraints in development. Mosaic will undertake quantitative and qualitative social assessments, gender scorecards, project design and evaluation using gender disaggregated techniques and methods. Specialized expertise in gender and social assessments are also applied to private sector initiatives.

Organizational Development & Change:
Mosaic will accompany your organization in its strategic planning and change process. Working with senior managers and executives in business, government, or the non-profit sector, we will help you develop structures and decision-making processes that are more participatory, decentralized and empowering to your employees. We will also assist teams to work more effectively and help to design and deliver staff retreats. We will tailor interventions to suit your needs and priorities based on over 20 years experience in participatory methods and approaches..

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Clients of Mosaic.net International

On the Canadian Front:
  • Canadian International Development Agency
  • Centre for Intercultural Learning (CIL)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Heritage Canada
  • Status of Women
  • Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
  • Canadian Bureau for International Education
  • Nature Canada
  • HeartLinks
  • Parliamentary Centre
  • War Child Canada
  • Plan International
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Oxfam Canada
  • Save the Children
  • InterPares
  • Feed the Children
  • World Vision
  • The World Bank
  • The Inter-American Development Bank
  • The Organization of American States
  • The United Nations System: UNDP, UN WOMEN, UNICEF, UNDG, WFP, UNFPA, UNDAF
  • PAHO

Unique Alliances with Southern Partners

Mosaic.net International, Inc. is composed of partners who come from all parts of the world: Canada, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Depending on the situation, Mosaic will bring together highly qualified and committed individuals to work on development issues at hand. Partners of Mosaic have lived and worked overseas, speak multiple languages and have been employed by NGOs, International Agencies or the private sector. This gives Mosaic first-hand knowledge of the context, institutions, local culture and conditions in which a project or programme takes place.

The Origins

Mosaic International was founded by Françoise Coupal in 1994 and incorporated as Mosaic.net International, Inc. in 1996. Ms. Coupal started her professional career working for the UNDP in Costa Rica and Niger and then the International Development Research Centre based in Ottawa. Ms. Coupal has lived and worked in Latin America, Africa and Asia over the past 15 years. Ms. Coupal holds graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Carleton University in International Affairs and development studies in particular.

Mosaic.net International, Inc. - Providing Innovative Solutions to Development Issues

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Founder & Partner:

Françoise Coupal
705 Roosevelt Avenue
Ottawa, Canada
K2A 2A8
Tel: (613) 728-1439
Contact Us
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Latin America:

Roxana Volio
Apartado Postal 749
San Pedro Montes de Oca
San Jose, Costa Rica
Tel/fax: (506) 386-4536
email: roxanavolio@hotmail.com
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Mamane Bozari
B.P. 506
Niamey, Niger
Tel: 00227 90 64 18 26
email: bozari_2000@yahoo.fr